Thinking of a sabbatical and unsure whether to take the leap?

I'm curious to talk to anyone who is seriously thinking about going on a sabbatical and unsure whether to take the leap.

I've helped 60+ people from all over the world navigate what often feels like a pretty complex and lonely decision-making process. You can check out raving testimonials from others who've already spoken with me over there.

What you'll get: 30 mins with me over Zoom.

I'll act as a constructive and sabbatical-savvy sounding board, offering insights from my own and others' sabbaticals, as well as useful materials and exercises. I'll help you manage any fears or uncertainties you bring into the conversation.

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Thinking of a sabbatical

A FREE little guided journey to help you figure out whether to go on sabbatical or not

Have you been dreaming about going on sabbatical and you can't find the time or headspace to think about it properly? Or maybe you've been thinking about it for a while and are struggling to figure out whether to take the leap?

I get it, I've been there. And I've spoken to many people who felt unable to make a decision.

So I built a self-paced online guided journey called 'Dreaming of a sabbatical...' to help you think this through. The material is based on my personal experience on sabbatical, research and articles I've read in the past 18 months, and the 60+ conversations I've had on the topic of sabbaticals. It includes videos, a couple of guided exercises and a bunch of useful resources about sabbaticals and our relationship to work.

Here's what it looks like