Learning recommendations

Forget the days where a teacher monologues for hours when your energy levels are better suited for a game of tennis—or a nap.

An increasing number of talented creator are offering transformational learning experiences online. Cohort-based courses. Self-paced courses. E-mail courses. Workshops. Whatever makes the most sense for students to embed learnings in work and life.

The future of education is being built right now.

I've started centralising some of my favourite learning experiences below. Most of those have radically changed the way I write, design, work and live!

Note to those who have a low income and/or feel that the cost of those courses is inaccessible to them: most of those creators offer reduced prices or sponsorships, look out for them on their sales pages!

Write of Passage
by David Perell

Writing online is one of the biggest opportunities in the world right now. In 5 weeks, this course teaches you to publish quality ideas, find your people and will double your potential.

cohort-based course

more than $1,000

The 80/20 Approachable Design Challenge
by Nate Kadlac

Challenge yourself to make better design decisions. In 20 days, you'll develop a better eye and learn to make design decisions you can apply to your own design projects.

e-mail course

less than $100

Fundamentals of Alexander Technique
by Michael Ashcroft

Learn to expand your awareness, increase your agency and feel more alive with Alexander Technique. It's a bit like mindfulness, but without the cushion.

self-paced course


Nervous System Mastery
by Jonny Miller

Join a 5-week bootcamp to learn to regulate stress and build resilience, using evidence-backed protocols to cultivate greater agency over your physical, mental & emotional state.

cohort-based course

more than $1,000

Fundamentals of Intuitive Fitness
by Sam Sager

This 4-week virtual experience will help you transform your relationship with exercise, design your own approach to movement, and build the foundation of a lifetime of fitness.

cohort-based course


Web design on Webflow
by the Webflow University team

This series turned me into enough of a web designer that I was able to build this website. High-quality, clear and funny videos for both beginners and advanced web designers.

self-paced course


Video Editing with Final Cut Pro X
by Ali Abdaal

In this class, you'll learn everything you need to get started with the video editing tool Final Cut Pro. In less than 4 hours, Ali gave me the tools to create my first YouTube video.

self-paced course

less than $100

The Connection Course
by Joe Hudson and the team at the Art of Accomplishment

Connection is the root of success and fulfilment. Learn from 30 years of research, study of neuroscience, exploration of wisdom traditions, and coaching of top company C-levels.

self-paced course


Patterns for Decentralised Teams by Richard Bartlett
and Nati Lombardo

Get practical guidance on how your team can share leadership, distribute decision-making, stay aligned on priorities, deal with conflict, and create a thriving culture.

self-paced course


Goal-Crafting Intensive
by Malcolm Ocean
and the team at Complice

Step out of the busy-ness of everyday life to reflect on your long-term goals and how you can achieve them. The team will provide structure and coaching support in real time.

half-day workshop


There are also many courses that I have not (yet) completed. The ones below have been complimented by my online peers.


Building a Second Brain by Tiago Forte

Supercharge Your Productivity by Khe Hy from RadReads

The Mindful Productivity Masterclass by Anne-Laure Le Cunff from NessLabs

Notion Mastery by Marie Poulin

Linking Your Thinking by Nick Milo


Part-Time Youtuber Academy by Ali Abdaal

Dream Studio Course by Kevin Shen


Approachable Design by Nate Kadlac

Pencil Pirates by Laura Evans-Hill


Ultraspeaking by Michael Gendler and Tristan deMontebello


Ship 30 for 30 by Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole


In his podcasts, Dr Andrew Huberman, an Associate Professor of Neurobiology at Stanford University, shares a wealth of neuroscience information, research and everyday science-backed tips and tools to control your dopamine, build strength, sleep better etc. in an approachable way.

Podcasts aren't my preferred way of learning and Huberman's are long and dense. But after hearing so many people recommending his work, I started listening - and I took notes in an attempt to help me retain the info. I then decided to make and share visual summaries of my notes so that others could access the information too.

How to focus to change your brain


How food and nutrients control our moods


Controlling sugar cravings with science-based tools


Controlling your dopamine for motivation and focus


Master your sleep and be more alert when awake


How our nervous system works and changes