I'm a business leader turned online writer, sabbatical guide and business strategy and storytelling wizard, based in London, UK.

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I help people shape and navigate transformational work sabbaticals

Whether you're thinking about going on sabbatical or you've already taken the leap, you are right in the middle of an experience that—if done well—can transform your life in a meaningful way.

I've pulled together two playbooks that provide you with structure at a time where you might feel like you're stuck staring at a blank page, with insights and stories from me and others to help you spot opportunities for growth as well as navigate hardships effectively, and with a whole lot of resources for you to dive into as and when you feel drawn to them.

Thinking of a Sabbatical

A self-paced digital playbook that gives you everything you need to consciously decide if going on an extended break from work is the right move for you

(For those who haven't made a decision)

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On Sabbatical

A self-paced digital playbook with insight, structure and resources to help you turn your sabbatical into a transformational experience.

(For those who have already leapt)

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I write about sabbaticals, business strategy and systemic change

I write about building thriving businesses in which people do meaningful work together, about what I think it takes to become a well-rounded intrapreneur, and also about my recent shift towards directing my work as a free agent.

Here are some of my favourite short essays: