I help business leaders shape strategies & make good decisions

You're prepping a big presentation for your boss and are struggling to distil your ideas into a compelling message? Or you're worried you won't get traction from your Executive Team to move the Important Project you're working to the next stage?

When you're asked to 'pull together a few slides' for business leaders so they can make a decision, what you're actually being asked to do is (i) figure out what your leaders are specifically interested in, (ii) gather the relevant insights on your project and (iii) turn them into a compelling story before you engage leaders on (iv) the one point that genuinely requires their input.

You basically need to act as a curator, a storyteller and a decision-maker yourself if you want to get traction with the C-suite.

I'm thrilled to say that doing this well is a learnable skill.

I'm offering free coaching calls to anyone who wants to get really good at getting their ideas across to busy decision-makers.

Bring your ideas, your drafts and your struggles and we'll work through them together so you create a powerful presentation that will not only move your project forward but also get you noticed as a valuable ally to decision-makers.

You too can become a trusted ally to senior decision-makers in your organisation

I've worked 15 years in consulting and big organisations

I shape strategies, get decisions made effectively and deliver big projects happen well and fast.

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